Volunteer Hours


Each family is required to provide 15 hours of service to the school per year. Hours will need to be logged online by the family through the Track it Forward website. Sign up sheets are available at the event and will need to be filled out by the parent and then verified by the school’s event liaison. Register & log your hours on Track it Forward or conveniently do so below:

VIRTUS and Keeping the Promise Alive

The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston requires that volunteers in the Catholic school system complete the Application for Volunteer Service, Volunteer Code of Conduct, Criminal Background Check, and attend a VIRTUS training class. Training will be required to be updated as required by the archdiocese. Volunteers represent the church and school. They should show support for the school and governing policies at all times. Archdiocesan Ethical and Moral Conduct policies hold all volunteers bound by confidentiality. Administration may terminate services of any volunteer who fails to uphold the policies and procedures of the school. All comments and concerns should be addressed with school administration.

VIRTUS is a child sexual abuse awareness program adopted by the National Council of Catholic Bishops. It is entitled “Protecting God’s Children” and is offered throughout the Archdiocese at various locations, dates, and times. Everyone who takes the training will be registered with the archdiocesan database. Beginning in January of 2012, all those trained in VIRTUS will be expected to renew their training with “Keeping the Promise Alive”, an archdiocesan training that compliments and continues the efforts of the “Protecting God’s Children” program.

You can register for classes online by visiting www.virtus.org.