What happens if my child has an accident?

The child needs to have an extra pair of clothes in his or her backpack. If  not Ms. Guillen will have extra clothes and change him. I will send the
dirty clothes in a plastic bag. Borrowed clothes need to be returned washed the next day.

What happens if my child is celebrating a birthday?

You can bring in cupcakes or cookies (No cakes)in the morning to be served at lunch time. Lunch time is at 11:00 to 11:30.

What do students wear to school?

The students must wear a uniform to school. Boys grey pants, white or maroon shirt. Girls wear a jumper, white blouse, or pants with white or maroon shirt.

Tennis shoes (all white or all black). Socks are all white. For mass days students must wear full uniform (Boys Vest and girls jumper)

Rainy Day

On Rainy Day: If a child is picked up on the carpool line the teacher will escort the child to your car. If the child stays for aftercare program or is being picked up with a sibling. You need to provide rain boots and a small rain jacket to cross over to the big school and remain dry.


If a student is making a wrong choice.
*Teacher will talk to the student.
*If the wrong choice continue then the teacher will place the student in time out for four minutes.
*If the wrong choice continue then the teacher will take a privilege (Playground or Center).
*If it continues then the teacher will call the parent.
*Students will have a behavior folder everyday.