Ms. J. Gonzales


Sight Words

(Click here for Fry Word list). Kinder students are expected to master Lists 1 and 2 of the Fry Word List by the end of the year.   At the end of the first quarter I will test on the first 13 words.  At the end of the second quarter I will test on the first 25 words.  At the end of the third quarter I will test on the first 37 words.  By the end of the year students are expected to master the first 50 words of the list.

Please make flash cards of these words and begin studying a few at a time.



Hand signals for short vowels:
a/cup hand as if you are holding an apple
e/point to your elbow
i/scratch as if you have an itch
o/dangle fingers like the tentacles of an octopus
u/point up

Help your child to tie and  firmly knot his/her shoes every day.


Volunteer Hours:

Each family is required to provide 15 hours of service to the school per year. Hours will need to be logged online by the family through the Our Volts website. Parents must register through the site and keep track of all completed hours online. Hours will then be verified by the school using the Sign-In sheet at the event. Click here for directions to register.
Parents who would like to chaperone a field trip must take the Virtus class prior to the field trip. If you are interested in Virtus training go to to register. Then select the class you wish to attend. Virtus must be renewed every 5 years.


2015 – 2016


School Supply List

1 Sleeping Mat – returning students may re-use mat – (for storage purpose please order from this website)   Kid-Napper Sheet Mat – 22″ x 52″.
1 4.oz Elmer’s Glue-All glue
1 Pair of Fiskars scissors
3 Red folder w/pockets
1 Box of  Crayons (24)
1 Pkg. of 12 Pencils
2 Reams of white copy paper*
1 Ream of color copy paper*
2 Rolls of paper towels
1 Box of baby wipes
1 Liquid soap
4 Large glue sticks
2 Large boxes of tissue
1 1in. 3 ring binder w/clear pockets
1 Pkg. 9 x 12 Heavy Duty Construction paper
1 Pack of dry erase markers
1 Lysol spray (Citrus Meadows Scent)
1 Hand sanitizer
1 Box of Scotch magic tape