Summer Reading Supply List 17-18

Welcome to Pre-K3! To get ready for the classroom, where we read A LOT, please complete the summer reading project and read all of the book included in the summer reading list.

Book List:

1. How Do Dinosaurs Go to School

2. White Rabbit’s Color Book

3. ABC I Like Me

4. Ten Cats Have Hats

5. The Shape of Things

Reading Directions:

Read each book several times throughout the summer so your child becomes very familiar

Step One: Look at the pictures and make predictions with your child about what the story might be about

Step Two: Read the story

Step Three: While you read, point to different pictures and say what color the picture is to practice color recognition

Project Directions:

The Shape of Things

Step One: Read the story with your child

Step Two: Decide on five pictures to make out of shapes (some ideas might be a dinosaur, a flower, a tree, etc)

Step Three: Cut out the shapes you will need for your picture from colored paper

Step Four: Glue your picture together on a large poster board

Step Five: Write down what each picture is below the picture


Supply List 17-18(Pre K 3)