What happens if my student has an accident?

We ask that parents send in a gallon-sized zip-lock bag with the child’s name on it with an extra set of clothes including underwear, socks, pants, and a shirt. If a student has an accident, we will give them their extra clothes to change into for the rest of the day. It is acceptable for students who have a bathroom accident to be out of uniform. The dirty clothes will be sent home in the ziplock bag. You will receive a notice from the teacher to inform you of the accident so you are fully informed.

How are birthdays celebrated?

According to school policy, we only allow students to bring in cupcakes or cookies to share with the class during lunch. We will sing happy birthday and make them feel extra special on that day! If you have questions about what is allowed, please check with Ms. Gabby.

When does PreK3 go to mass?

Our class goes to the church for mass only for all school mass days and then every Friday, we classroom prayer services with Pre-K4 which we will occasionally have a priest lead.

What is the proper uniform for PreK3?

All socks should be white

Shoes can either be white or black (we ask that they are tennis shoes or easy for the child to play on the playground with)

Girls-white or maroon polo, plaid shorts or plaid pants

Boys-white or maroon polo, gray pants or gray shorts with belt

When is nap time?

Nap time is from 12:00-1:00 every afternoon except on Fridays when nap is from 1:00-2:00

When is snack time?

We have snack from 9:45-10:00 each morning

When is dismissal for PreK3?

Monday 1:55-2:05

Tuesday-Friday 2:55-3:05

If you arrive after dismissal and see that the gate has been closed, we have walked the students over to the main building so you will need to go through the main dismissal line or wait in the office to pick up your child.

When is morning arrival for PreK3? At what point is my child considered late?

Morning carpool begins at 7:45. We close the gate at 8:00 but your child is considered tardy at 7:55. If you need to drop your child off early, the building will be open as early as 7:15.

How does carpool work for PreK3 and PreK4?

In the morning, cars line up behind La Escualita along St. Charles street. We open the gate at 7:15 for anyone dropping students off early. Those arriving early should pull to the side (rather than parking) in front of our building and walk their child inside. Teachers will be out supervising carpool from 7:45-8:00 and help students out of cars to walk them into the classroom. Cars will proceed through the parking lot and exit through the opposite gate. We ask that cars do not park at any time to walk their child inside as parking poses a safety hazard.

In the afternoon, cars line up along the school playground area along St. Charles street. We open the gate at 2:55 (1:55 on Mondays) and walk students to their car. You may pull forward in the parking lot and pull to the side to buckle your child in their carseats. We are not able to dismiss students without a carseat or a booster seat. Drivers are not to exit the car during carpool and are asked to refrain from talking to teachers in order to ensure complete safety for all students

What does discipline look like in the classroom?

PURPLE: WOW! I went above and beyond today!

BLUE: I put forth a good effort today!

GREEN: I need to try harder tomorrow!

YELLOW: I broke a rule today and received a warning!

ORANGE: My teacher had to have a conference with me today! I had a consequence!

RED: I did not have a very good day today!

Your child will begin each day on Purple. If they are struggling with procedures, listening to directions or treating their friends kindly, they will be moved down the chart one color. If they show that they are really trying their best to improve their behavior, then they will be moved back up the chart.

If your child comes home with a purple or a blue, they did a great job and maybe struggled slightly but overall had a great day.

If your child comes home with a green or a yellow, then they probably struggled with some procedures and received several warnings but did not remedy their behavior. If this occurs, I recommend talking to your child about things they need to work on the next day in general such as listening to their teacher, treating friends with kindness and working hard to keep their name on purple.

If your child comes home with an orange or a red, then they had some more serious behavior issues throughout the day that they struggled consistently to remedy. If this happens, I recommend taking away a reward at home to indicate that there is a consequence at home that follows poor behavior at school.

Parent Signatures

I will send home updates on how your child is doing with behavior every day. Please initial daily and send back in their folders.

What are the classroom rules?

  1. Share with your friends
  2. Turn on your listening ears
  3. Keep your hands to yourself
  4. Use nice words
  5. Always try your best

What is the basic curriculum in PreK3?

The curriculum of this class will follow the standards of the Archdiocese of Galveston Houston and also the Texas State Standards.

I generally have a theme for each week of lessons and all of the centers relate to that theme. For example, this week our theme is APPLES. The students are hearing the story “Johnny Appleseed”, counting apples, looking at cut apple slices to learn about their senses and also reviewing the colors of an apple. I believe it helps three year olds learn better when they learn about a major theme and this theme is reinforced throughout each center in the classroom.

We put a major focus on reading in early childhood. Additionally, your child will be assessed on letter recognition, number recognition, counting, personal name recognition, and identification of colors and shapes and basic patterns.

How often do students have homework in PreK3?

Beginning in September, I will begin sending home routine homework. Homework folders will go home on Monday and will be expected back and completed by Friday. There is also a reading log in the folder that should be filled out daily.

What field trips do you take?

Our class field trips will be in school “field trips”. I will arrange for classroom visitors that pertain to the lessons your student is learning about at that time. For the safety of our students, we will not be taking field trips off campus. This may change at the teacher’s discretion.

“A Trip to the Firehouse”

We will have a firefighter come to the classroom to teach the students about staying safe when there is a fire and fire safety tips for young students. The students will be able to see the fire gear that firefighters wear and meet the people that are there to keep them safe!

“A Trip to the Moon”

I am working on having an in school NASA field trip where an engineer comes from NASA to teach the students on space exploration.

“A Trip to the Opera”

Storybook Opera singers will come to the class and sing storybooks to the students. The students get to learn a little bit about the opera during this field trip and it gets them more excited about reading when they have a visitor read to them in such a special way.

How do I schedule a conference?

I will always make myself available to a parent who would like to have a conference in person or on the phone. Please just send me an email and we will be able to set something up at your convenience.

For school conference dates (held in October and in February), the office will email you with instructions on how to reserve an appointment.

How can I volunteer in the classroom?

Thank you so much for your willingness to volunteer. During second semester, parents are welcome to be involved in the classroom when we will be inviting parents as guest readers.

How can I help my child create positive study habits starting now?

This is a great question and very important for Pre-K parents to begin thinking about. It is important to have a spot in your house that is for “homework” or activities related to learning. This can be desk in your child’s bedroom or a table in your family room, etc but somewhere that is always for learning so your child makes the association that this is where they do their homework. Be sure to look at the Homework activities section of the website for ideas of what you can be doing at home and do one of these activities each day after school. This will develop the routine that when your child gets home from school, they do their homework. Additionally, you can look at the newsletter to see what we are doing in the classroom for more ideas of what you can do at home (writing letters out of ripped paper, writing letters in shaving cream, etc). Then, before bed, make sure to read to your child for at least 15 minutes nightly.