Mission Statement/ Philosophy

School Mission Statement

Our Lady of Guadalupe is a Catholic School Community dedicated to instilling Catholic character, to strengthening academic excellence, and to empowering the students to serve others, confident in the love, protection, and guidance of God, through the intercession of Mary, our Mother.


Students are challenged by a program of studies rooted in Catholic traditions and values.They are encouraged to assume responsibility for their work and their behavior.Affirmed in a sense of their own giftedness and values, students at Our Lady of Guadalupe School are empowered to meet with confidence and seriousness of purpose the choices they are called to make each day. They experience what it means to grow in faith in God and in the belief that they must serve as involved Christians wherever they may be.

Vision Statement

Our Lady of Guadalupe School will be a faith-filled Catholic community providing a quality education to its students. We shall remain committed to growing students academically, socially, emotionally, and physically through service and leadership opportunities.

1. Environment – Our Lady of Guadalupe School will:

  • Provide a safe and nurturing environment
  • Acknowledge the accomplishments of students and teachers in all areas of school life
  • Encourage open communication between parents, students, and staff to effectively help a child to experience success
  • Ensure that prayer and developing a relationship with God is at the center of all that we do

2. Faculty and Staff – Those who minister at Our Lady of Guadalupe School will:

  • Support the school’s mission, vision and philosophy
  • Create an environment that is both welcoming and challenging to our students
  • Encourage students in a Catholic atmosphere
  • Model their faith and professionalism through integrity and ethical behavior
  • Set high expectations where all students are motivated to reach their highest potential
  • Consistently deepen their own faith so as to encourage others in theirs
  • Remain open minded toward change in themselves for the betterment of our students

3. Students – The students at Our Lady of Guadalupe School will:

  • Accept responsibility for their learning and behavior
  • Give their best effort to achieve their highest potential
  • Behave in a Christ-like manner toward other students, teachers, family members, and guests at all times
  • Encourage one another in an atmosphere of kindness and respect
  • Develop a sense of service in all they do

4. Curriculum – The curriculum at Our Lady of Guadalupe School will:

  • Promote intellectual curiosity, creative thinking, and challenging problem solving
  • Align academic standards with high expectations
  • Focus on faith development, respect, integrity, and social skills, integrated into the academic program
  • Work toward high levels of achievement through measurable goals and varied tools of assessment

5. Family Support -The larger family community of Our Lady of Guadalupe School will:

  • Play an active role in the faith development of our students
  • Partner with the faculty and staff in providing a strong foundation in the education of students
  • Volunteer their time and talent to serve as an example to our students of the community responsibility for the success of the school
  • Monitor student progress
  • Support of the school’s mission, vision, goals and philosophy

Where students come from:

We serve students from 61 different zip codes in the Houston area.