K4J Virtue Program

In September, we kicked off our K4J (Kids 4 Jesus) virtue program. Our 8th grade students introduced our first virtue, FRIENDSHIP. We learn to be the best loving, laughing, loyal, and listening friends when we spend time with Jesus every day- because Jesus is our very best friend!

Next week, Monday, October 2, we will recognize those students in each grade who displayed the virtue of friendship in their classrooms. We will also introduce our October virtue, “be a REAL hero”. Students will learn to discover and say yes to God’s grace in order to do the right thing. Check your students’ backpack on Monday for their monthly Mission Pack, which will help them (and you!) learn more about the virtue. It will include a Holy Hero card featuring St. Helen, who was receptive to God’s grace.


To learn more about the K4J program, please visit:

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